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"Jimi Hendrix & Eddie Albert" T-Shirt by Pinkard & Bowden One size fits all (XXL) 

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Mens P&B Cartoon T-Shirt 

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Our two big career influences

Wyoming and Nairobi on a gorgeous mug to brighten your morning

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Mens Cousins, Cattle and Other Love Stories T-Shirt

Ladies P&B Cartoon T-Shirt

Ladies Cousins, Cattle and Other Love Stories T-Shirt

Mens P&B Cartoon T-Shirt
P&B Cartoon Mug

Our Jimi and Eddie tribute song (from our Live ... In Front of a Bunch of D_ckh__ds ​CD) was actually licensed to us by Jimi's  estate. As for Eddie, we know that somewhere in the great beyond he is outstanding in his field (try singing the words to "Green Acres" to the tune of "Purple Haze).

​"Crawl Spaces" T-Shirt by Pinkard & Bowden -- World's cheesiest artwork inspired by P&B tribute song to Garth Brooks and Jeffrey Dahmer. We hand delivered one of these to Garth.

America's funnIiesT musical comedians............. eVER