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THE DOUBLE ALBUM - The first two early '80s albums by Pinkard & Bowden on one CD - $23.00 + shipping. This is the "Starter Kit" for Pinkard and Bowden virgins.

TV friendly ... contains bonus singles
Two albums for the price of two!

A true, touching, one-and-only serious Richard Bowden recitation about losing both his Bowden grandparents at Christmas time. The poem is accompanied by a stirring rendition of "Silent Night" by guest keyboardist Dave Ennis of Restless Heart. This became a country radio evergreen in many areas and still can be heard at Christmas time on various stations. The flip side is a joyous instrumental medley of well known Christmas songs done Cajun style to celebrate Sandy Pinkard's South Louisiana heritage. It features Cajun fiddler Gib Guilbeau and Bowden's dad on fiddle just the year before his dad's passing. If you like movies that make you cry, this one is for you! The back side is provided to cheer your ass up!

A one of a kind P&B treasure
Contains questionable lyrics

This CD contains family-friendly cuts from all four Pinkard and Bowden albums PLUS three singles that never appeared on any of the albums.

Not to be played at church socials
America's funnIiesT musical comedians............. eVER